Values of Care

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  • Values of Care
    • Health and Social Care settings
      • Promoting Equality and Diversity
      • Promoting Rights and Beliefs
      • Maintaining Confidentiality
    • Early Years Settings
      • Fostering equality of opportunity
        • Each child should be offered equality of access and opportunities to learn and develop
      • Working in partnership with parents and families 
        • Information should be openly shared with family members about children's learning and development
      • Being a reflective practitioner
        • Think about own practice and plan for development
      • Keeping children safe and maintaining a healthy environment 
        • The environment should encourage a healthy lifestyle and approach to learning
      • Working in partnership with other professionals 
        • Essential for development but can only be carried out with consent
      • Encouraging children’s learning and development 
        • Children should be offered a range of experiences and activities that support all areas of development
      • Maintaining confidentiality of information 
        • Private information about children and parents should not be shared without consent unless on a need to know basis
      • Making the welfare of the child paramount
        • The child should be put first
      • Valuing diversity
        • Differences between people should be identified as positive
      • Ensuring anti-discrimination
        • Negative attitudes and prejudices by children and adults should be challenged
    • Why are they important?
      • To ensure standardisation of care
      • To improve the quality of care
      • To provide clear guidelines to inform and improve practice
      • To maintain or improve quality of life for service users
    • Effects on PIES if values of care are not applied
      • Physical
        • Pain from lack of medication
        • Pain if treatment is not given
        • Physical abuse
      • Intellectual
        • Loss of concentration
        • Lack of stimulation
        • Lack of progression
      • Emotional
        • Low self-esteem
        • Humiliation
        • Low self-confidence
        • Feeling inadequate
        • Loss of trust
        • Upset
        • Unsafe
      • Social
        • Feeling excluded
        • Withdrawn
        • Poor social skills
        • Anti-social behaviour


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