Value freedom

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  • value free
    • can
      • scientists subj v's cannot affect their research
        • some bel possible & desirable to keep out
      • Comte/ Durkheim
        • saw socio as sci pursuit of truth - obj - keeps v's out - socio should produce facts - improve soc
        • Funct don't express any val commitments in their research
        • Funct look @ obj facts - can be val free
      • data collection & hyp testing - must be obj when coll facts
        • e.g. no leading q's - once coll, can use to test hyp - v's stay out
    • cannot
      • backgrounds & careers
        • socio backgrounds inf their choice of topic 7 how they interp data - further own careers - censor own findings - fear of losing job
      • fundings & careers
        • research = funded by someone - sources inc gov - those who pay control the dir it takes - e.g. cig companies
      • Gouldner
        • value free soc = imp - either socio own v's or paymasters are bound to refl in their work
        • value free soc = undesirable - without v's to guide research, socio merely selling services to highest bidder
      • c's & socio as citz
        • findings have affects of people's lives - should  be mindful & not act as detached beings
          • can't ignore moral ob of our findings
      • paradigms
        • gives us basic framework of assumptions - tells us what to expect - set of norms - socialised to accept it
      • Marx
        • studying historical materialism could reveal facts about how to imp soc - need our v's
    • should
      • researchers should be detatched & obj
        • should not show feelings - should not inf research
      • socio deals w/ people - is always danger that res may contaminate w/ bias
      • desire to appear sci - wants to id facts - job = discover truth
      • POMO
        • hold relativist view of knowl - no truth is superior to another
        • one who claims truth = meta-narrative
        • all knowl = based on us
      • V's & interp of data
        • facts need to be set in theoretical way so can und their sig & draw conc
          • need to be explicit so others can see if uncons bias is present in interp of data
    • should not
      • Becker
        • if socio is inf by v's then they must inev take sides
          • if don't then take side of powerful - should take side of underdog
            • less known - deserve a voice - should use qual method e.g. PO
        • EVAL
          • Gouldner crit Becker for taking romantic approach to disadv groups
            • feels socio should just describe world of underdog
      • Marxists, fem & interpretivists argue for 'committed socio' -
        • some arg v's are imp & should be present in socio research
          • Myrdal - socio should spell our v's & openly take sides by prom v's & interests of particular indiv's
            • e.g. fem take sides of women


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