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  • Validity
    • Internal Validity
      • Has the researcher measured what they intended to measure
      • When we can conclude that the IV is the thing affecting the DV rather than EVs
      • Can only conclude in a lab setting
    • External Validity
      • When we can say that our results can be generalised
      • Results can be generalised to other: Settings, cultures, times or the whole population.
        • Population Validity - generalising to the rest of the population
        • Ecological Vaildity - generalising to situations outside the experiment setting
        • Cross-cultural Validity - generalising to other cultures
        • Temporal Validity - generalising to all time periods
    • Checking Validity
      • It is not actually possible as we will never know whether it is our IV that has affected the DV.
      • However, we can do things to improve validity to help us assume that the IV affected the DV
    • Improving Validity
      • Face Validity: You or another person looks at the test. Does it look like it measures what it set out to do?
      • Concurrent validity: Compare your test to an established test that has validity. See if your test measure the same as the established one


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