Validation and quality of data

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  • Validation and Quality of Data
    • Validation Checks-used to ensure only sensible data entered into a computer
      • Range check-Checks that numbers are between a certain range.
        • E.g A movie site would check that a date of birth is before a certain date when renting 15-rated movies
      • Format check-Makes sure that the correct mix of letters and numbers is entered
        • Shopping sites may restrict postcodes to the following combination of letters (L) and numbers (0): LL00 0LL
      • Presence check-Checks that a field is not empty
        • When signing up to a social networking site, the username field must be filled in
      • Check digit-An extra number is added to the end of a long set of numbers. This extra number is worked out by performing a calculation of the long set of numbers
        • Bar codes or ISBN numbers will contain an extra number - a check digit - at the end. By looking at this, it will know if the long set of numbers is correct
    • Verification checks-Check the data input is correct
      • Errors can be made when inputting the data e.g characters accidentally swapped (q instead of w)
      • Visual check-proofreading before submitting data
      • Double-keying-entering data twice and checking both are the same
    • Quality of data
      • Bias-Data should not favour a particular result
      • Fit for purpose-Data must be suitable for what you want it to do
      • Accurate-Data must be true and correct


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