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  • Valentine
    • 'I give you an onion'
      • the onion is the main focus,
      • The longer you cook an onion the taste sweetens and becomes less extreme
        • Reflects a relationship; the more you work at it and 'cook' it the better it becomes
    • 'It will blind you with tears like a lover'
      • could be taken in positive or negative way
        • For example some times you can be happy and cry or be hurt by a lover
        • Suggests that love is blindness. Dont now where you go with it
      • Love is an emotional thing and can make you feel all sorts of emotions
    • 'possessive and faithful'
      • everlasting example of good and bad
      • shows the two extremes of love
      • If your partner tells you what to wear and you refuse, if they dont mind you refusing they are possessive and faithful
      • both adverbs
        • Every lover will be possessive but also faithful
    • 'Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring'
      • the circle of an onion goes round and round
      • the cycle goes on until you reach a wedding
      • Almost like every relationship ends up either breaking up or married
    • 'cling to your knife'
      • clinging is less than possessive
        • The scent of love will keep clinging until you cut it off, not strong enough to wash
          • A meaningful relationship always keeps on your mind
          • Knife sugests pain. could be a phallic symbol
        • Knife is an object
          • Knifes cut things. Could the knife represent ending the relationship




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