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  • Valentine
    • negative view on love
      • pain associated with love
        • "lethal"
      • love's bitter
        • compared to an "onion"
        • "love's scent will cling to your fingers cling to your knife"
    • positive view on love
      • "careful ********** of love"
        • innocent
      • bitter sweet
    • effect of love
      • you become the person you love
        • "reflection of a wobbling photo"
      • love fades
        • "it's platinum loops shrink to a wedding ring"
      • love is upsetting
        • "photo of grief"
        • "blinf you with tears"
      • leaves an impression
        • "love's fierce kiss will stay on your lips"
    • link to nature
      • flowers
        • "red rose"


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