V-shaped Valley

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  • V-Shaped Valley
    • 1. River erodes down
      • as boulders bounce and scrap along the channel bed
    • 2. Steep sides are attacked by weathering
    • 3. Loose material slowly creeps down the slope
      • because of
        • gravity
        • washed into river by rainwater
      • Material carried away by river
    • The result is a steep-sided valley
      • shape of a V
    • Features of a river
      • Source
        • Where the river starts
      • Spurs
        • Ridges of land around which a river winds
      • Valley sides
        • The slopes on either side of a river
      • V-shaped valley
        • The shape of a valley in its upper coarse
      • Channel
        • The coarse of a river
      • River banks
        • The sides of a river channel
      • River bed
        • The bottom of a river channel
      • Load
        • Material that is carried or moved by the river


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