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  • Utilitarianism = The Rightness or Wrongness of an action if determined by its usefullness and utlity
    • Act Utility
      • John Stuart Mill
      • Ethical Issues: Sadistic Guards
      • Greatest Good For The Greatest Number Of An Individual
      • Quality OVER quantity
    • Rule Utility
      • Greatest Good For The Greatest Number in Society - Majority
      • Associated with the Scholars - John Stuart Mill & John Austin
    • Classic (Bentham)
      • Founded By Jeremy Bentham - 18th Century
      • Decisions were decided on how much pleasure/painthere was
      • Greatest Good For The Greatest Number - for Society as a WHOLE
      • To decide how much pleasure/painthere was - measure using 'Hedonic Calculus'
      • WE ARE ALL HEDONISTS - Pleasure Seekers'
      • Minimise Pain, Maximise Pleasure
      • Quantity OVER quality
    • Preference Utility
      • Best Consequence for those involved in the situation
      • Created by Scholar - Peter Singer


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