Utilitarianism Key notes

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  • Utilitarianism
    • Utility
      • The greatest good for the greatest number of people
    • Hedonic calculus
      • Duration
      • Extent
      • Intensity
      • Remoteness
      • Certainty
      • Purity
      • To be followed by- fecundity
      • Calculating the benefit or harm of an act through its consequence
    • Rule Utilitarianism (Mill)
      • focused on the consequence of a rule
      • Working to establish the common good
      • creates rules that will generally maximise the greatest utility
      • may involve individual pain for societal gain
    • Act Utilitarianism (Bentham)
      • Focused on the outcome of each individual act
      • Balance of pain and pleasure in each situation
      • No reference is made to any other moral decisions
    • Quality VS Quantity
      • Mill said that Mentham was to fussed about the amount of pleasure made when he should focus on the quality of the pleasure that's made
      • Higher pleasures- intellectual      Lower pleasures- senses and bodily
    • Preference Utilitarianism (Singer)
      • It's easier to measure preference than it is to measure pleasure
      • It concentrates on minimising suffering


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