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  • Utilitarianism
    • The principle of utility
      • The greatest happiness for the greatest number is the measure of right and wrong
      • Seek pleasure and avoid pain
      • Uses the human instinct to seek pleasure but applies a democratic principle
    • The Hedonic Calculus
      • calculates the balance of pleasures against pain
      • 7 factors that have to be taken into account
    • The quality of happiness
      • Higher pleasures
        • Superior and more valuable
      • Lower pleasures
        • Provide powerful gratification but overindulging brings pain
    • Act Utilitarianism
      • Approaching each action indiviudally
      • Dynamic and immediate quality
      • Always seeks to maximise the greatest utility in every situation
      • Takes the human drive towards well-being seriously
    • Rule Utilitarianism
      • more focused on establishing common good
      • Set up rules that will generally maximise the greatest good
      • Provides a guide for people meaning they do not have to work out each action
      • Qualitative or quantitative approach to measuring well-being
  • 4. Propinquity


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