Russia Political Leaders/Groups

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  • Key Political Figures/Group
    • Molotov
      • Foreign minister
      • Power decreased after Stalins death
      • His wife was arrested on suspicion of Jewish conspirecy
    • Beria
      • Possibly the most feared man in the USSR
      • Head of the NKVD
      • Arrested and shot after Stalins death
    • Malonkov
      • In charge of miltary equiptment
      • Leading figure in the stuggle for succession after Stalins death
      • Defeated by Khrushchev after Stalins death
    • Khukov
      • The Red Armys greatest commander
      • Promoted to Marshall in 1943, Led the assault on Berlin
      • Stlain saw him as a rival, and posred his to a remote area
    • NKVD
      • The Secret Police, run by Beria
      • Responsible for interrogation
      • Answerable to Stalin
    • Stavka
      • Directed strategic and military operations
      • The Soviet High Commander
      • Meetings also attended by GKO representatives
    • GKO
      • Described as having all the power and control of the state
      • Each member took responsibility for a different section
      • Took direct responsibility for the defence of Moscow
    • Politburo
      • Main decision making section of the party
      • Cinsisted of around 20 party members
      • Stalin often bypassd its decisions


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