Childcare - family

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  • Using family for childcare
    • Advantages
      • The child can develop a close bond with the relative.
      • If the relative has already had children they may be more experienced.
      • The child may be able to have friends round to play
      • The child will be cared for in a familiar environment
      • They may be able to look after the child if sick
      • A continuity of care
      • They may live locally
      • Flexible hours
      • May be prepared to drop off/collect from nursery or school
    • Disadvantages
      • Relatives could spoil the child
      • Looking after young children could be too demanding for older grandparents
      • Child may have fewer opportunities to see and play with other children
      • They may have different ideas about discipline, potty training etc...
      • If things go wrong it could cause long term family problems
      • They may have to buy moore equipment


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