Using Energy

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  • Using Energy
    • Forms of Energy
      • GPE: The energy of an object due to its position
      • Kinetic Energy: The energy of a moving object
      • Elastic Potential Energy: The energy stored in a springy object when stretched or squashed
      • Chemical Energy: Energy stored in fuel, (including food. Released when chemical reactions take place
      • Electrical Energy: Energy transferred by electrical current
    • Useful Energy
      • Useful Energy: Energy transferred where it is wanted, in the form that it is wanted
      • Wasted Energy: Energy that is not usefully transferred
    • Energy and Efficiancy
      • Energy supplied = useful energy delivered + energy wasted
      • Efficiency = useful transferred by the device / total energy supplied to the device
      • Improving efficiancy
        • Lubrication to reduce friction
        • Use wires with as little resistance to reduce heating
        • Streamline moving objects to reduce air resistance
        • Cut out noise, e.g tighten loose parts to reduce vibration


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