Using Drugs to Treat Disease GCSE AQA Biology

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  • Using Drugs to Treat Disease
    • Painkillers
      • Such as asprin and paracetamol
      • Have no affect on the pathogen making you feel ill
      • They relieve the symptoms and you have to wait for your immune system to fight it
    • Antibiotics
      • This had led to the prevention of many deaths
      • Have no effect on viruses
        • The problem with viruses is that they reproduce inside the human cells and it is very hard to develop a drug that only kills the virus cells and not the human
    • Discovering Penicillin
      • Alexander Flemming was a scientist who studied bacteria and wanted to find ways of killing it
      • In 1928, he was growing lots of bacteria on agar plates. He left one open, and when he came back from holiday he saw mould growing on some of them
        • He called the mould penicillin and tried to extract the juice, but he couldn't get much and he couldn't make it survive, so in 1934 he gave up
          • After 10 years, Ernst Chain and Howard Florey tried to use it on people. They tried it on a dying man, who recoved, but then they ran out of penicillin, so the man died
            • They kept working on it and managed to make it on an industrial scale


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