Education Sociology 20 maker 2018 exam AS

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  • Using Item A (official statistics ) evaluate the view that ethnic differences in educational achievement are a result of factors outside the education system
    • internal
      • material deprivation
        • Untitled
      • Cultural deprivation
        • focuses on home background of ethnic minorities
          • Asian , Chinese and African families benefit from cultures and parents how value education
        • Bereiter and Englemann
          • Black children suffer from from verbal deprivation. and that  black children from a lower class are unable to be to use complex voacublary or engage in abstract thought. theycommmunicate worth gestures and shorter fragmented phrases, like working  class in bursteins speech code, resptrictedspeech codes.
        • Sewell
          • Affrican caribbean boys  brought up by single mum slack discipline which would have been provided by dads and are attracted to gangs and rap rather than academics.
        • lupton
          • Asian./ Muslim children are well behaved ar school and work gard vase parent install respect into them an dot respect adults
        • Basiit
          • Asian parentseducation as a type of capital that can transform their kids lives, they are very supportive
        • Archer and Francis
          • Chinese parents see education as family project and have high expectations for their kids and invest a lot of time and money into their education


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