Using immobilised enzymes

includes examples of immobilised enzymes.

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  • Examples of immobilised enzymes
    • Immobilised penicillin acylase
      • Makes semi-synthetic penicillins from naturally produce penicillin.
      • Very important in treating infections caused by bacteria resistant to the original penicillin.
    • Immobilised glucose isomerase
      • Used to produce fructose from glucose.
      • can turn cheap glucose - from starch-rich plant material, into marketable fructose
    • Immobilised lactase
      • Used to produce lactose-free milk
      • It hydrolyses lactose to glucose and galactose, giving lactose-free milk
    • Immobolised aminoacylase
      • Used to produce pure samples of L-amino acids used in the production of pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, cosmetics, and food.
    • Immobilised glucomylase
      • Used to complete the breakdown of starch to glucose syrup
      • Amylase breaks starch down to dextrins then immobilised glucomylase catalyses the breakdown of dextrins to glucose
    • Immobilised nitrile hydrates
      • plays an increasing role in the plastics industry


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