crude oil

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  • using crude oil as a fuel
    • crude oil is an important fuel for modern life
      • crude oil fractions burn cleanly so they make good fuels
        • parts of crude oil are burned in cenral heating systems in homes and in power stations to generate electricity
      • electricity can be produced by nuclear power or wind power and there are ethonal powered cars and solar energy can heat water
        • crude oil fractions are often more reliable too eg solar and wind power cant work in the wrong weather conditions!
          • nuclear energy is reliable but there are concerns about its safety and the storage of radioactive waste
    • new oil reserves are discovered from time to time and technology is improving - its possible now to extract oil that used to be too difficult to extract
      • it will take time to develop alternative fuels to satisfy our energy needs - one alternative is to generate from renewable sources
    • oil spills can happen when oil is transferred by tanker - birds get covered in it and poisoned - sea otters and whales are poisoned too and fish
      • you have to burn oil to release the energy - this is thought to be a major cause of global warming, acid rain and global dimming


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