Using a variety of authorities when making moral decisions

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  • Using a variety of authorities when making moral decisions
  • Roman Catholics
    • Normally the authority of the Church is used.
    • The Church bans artificial contraception, so a Catholic may apply situation ethics when faced with the issue of AIDS in Africa and may hand out condoms
    • Civil partnerships are still an issue and Catholics believe it is not wrong to be homosexual, but it is wrong to have a sexual relationship
      • They might turn to their conscience or situation ethics when deciding to attend their friend's civil partnership ceremony
  • Conscience
    • A Christian may think it is alright to kill a doctor who performed abortions
    • But they should turn to the Bible and Church teachings and then they would know that it is always wrong to murder
  • Situation ethics
    • If a Christian used situation ethics they may think that some decisions are too complicated and the effects too uncertain
    • They might just turn to the Bible or Church in the end to make their decision rather then trying to figure it out themselves


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