Uses of Enzymes

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  • Uses of Enzymes
    • Biological Detergents
      • Enzymes are the 'bilogical' ingredients in washing powders + biological detergents
      • Mainly protease and lipase enzyme
      • Enzymes are ideal for removing stains- food/blood
      • More effective at low temperatures
    • Change Foods
      • Proteins in baby food are 'pre-digested' using the protease enzyme- easier to digest
      • Carbohydrase enzyme can be used to turn starch syrup into fructose syrup
      • Glucose syrup can be turned into fructose syrup using the isomerase enzyme
        • Fructose is sweeter- use less of it- good for slimming foods and drinks
    • Industry
      • Advantages
        • Specific- catalyse in the reaction you want
        • Low temp. and pressure- lower cost and saves energy
        • Work for a long time
        • Biodegradable- less environmental pollution
      • Disadvantages
        • Allergies
        • Can be denatured, susceptible to poisons and changes in pH- conditions must be tightly controlled
        • Expensive to produce
        • Contamination with other substances can affect the reaction


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