Uses of Radiation part 1

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  • Uses of Radiation
    • Smoke alarms.
      • Contain weak source of alpha radiation.
        • Not beta or gamma as alpha radiation is more ionizing and stopped by a few cm of air.
        • Long half-life so don't have to change often.
      • Smoke interacts with ions produced by alpha particles. Ionization reduced.
      • Less current flowing.
        • Alarm sounds.
    • Cracks in welding.
      • Gamma rays.
        • Not alpha as low penetration.
        • Not beta as reading wouldn't be as clear.
        • Short half-life so not dangerous to workers.
      • Gamma source and photographic film either side.
        • Like an X-ray.
    • Paper thickness.
      • Beta radiation.
        • Gamma wouldn't be effective as wont detect thickness. Alpha is stopped by paper so won't work.
        • Long half-life so doesn't need replacing often.
      • Radioactive source and Geiger Muller tube either side.
        • Close rollers if too thick, open if to thin.


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