Uses of Glucose

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  • The five ways in which plants use Glucose
    • For respiration
      • this transfers energy from glucose
      • this allows plants to change the rest of glucose into other useful substances
    • For making cell walls
      • glucose is changed into cellulose for making strong plant cell walls
    • For making amino acids
      • glucose is combined with nitrate ions to make amino acids
      • nitrate ions are absorbed from the soil
      • amino acids are used to make protein
    • Stored as oils or fats
      • glucose is turned into lipids ( fats and oils)
    • Stored as starch
      • glucose is turned into starch and stored in roots, stems and leaves
      • plants can use this starch when photosynthesis inst happening
      • starch is insoluable
      • being insoluble makes starch much better for storing than glucose
        • this is because a cell with lots of glucose in would draw in loads of water and swell up


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