User Interface MindMap

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  • User Interface
    • Graphical user interface
      • A graphical user interface are characterised by little icons on located on the screen, these icons could represent Programs, Folders or links
    • Menu Based Interface
      • A menu based interface is designed as a set of menus. for example at a tourist infomation screen at a trainstation. the interface is characterised by a set of different layers for the user to navigate through.
    • Form Based Interface
      • a form based interface is characterised by a set of boxes and instructions. for example when you are joining a new forum, purchasing something on line.
    • Natural Language Interface
      • an iterface type which allows the user to use their voice to controlle the computer.
    • Command Line Interface
      • The command line interface is a simple blank screen with a command prompt which encourages users to input commands into the os.


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