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  • Use of technologies during evaluation
    • Representation tools
      • Emaze
        • Emaze was another way I presented my ideas. Emaze was useful because I could either start from scratch or upload power points in order to make them look more visually appealing. Emaze allows you to add interesting transitions and effects to your work.
      • Smore
        • Smore was an interesting and different way to present information, being able to make it into a graphic/poster. This was good as it allowed me to explain my decisions etc clearly in writing but made it interesting and exciting instead of like an essay.
      • Prezi
        • Prezi was a tool I enjoyed using as it was easy for me to split my work into sections, which can be viewed like a powerpoint in order, or also clicked on individually. I could also make different sections link together which was useful.
      • GetRevising
        • I used Get Revising (this tool) in order to create mind maps, which allowed my evaluation to be presented simply and clearly.
    • Filming
      • DSLR camera
        • We used a DSLR camera in order to film the reactions of our classmates when watching/seeing/listening to our products.
      • Iphone
        • I used my phone in order to record my friends, and ask them their opinions on the link between my three products (question 2)
    • Social Media
      • Youtube
        • After uploading our documentary to YouTube, we used this in order to look at feedback given in the comments section.
    • Adobe Programmes
      • We used Photoshop and Premier Pro in order to take screenshots of our products for our evaluations.


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