Use of hormones to treat Infertility

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  • Use of hormones to treat INFERTILITY
    • Why are some women infertile? How can this be treated?
      • Taking a 'fertility drug' which contains a combination of FSH and LH
        • FSH stimulates maturation of the egg in the ovary
          • LH stimulates the release of the egg
        • The woman can then become pregnant via sexual reproduction
      • Due to problems with ovulation
    • Another treatment for infertility involving hormones is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
      • What are the disadvantages?
        • Emotionally and physically stressful
          • Low success rates
          • Expensive
          • Can lead to multiple births
            • Risk to both the babies and the mother
      • How does it work?
        • The mother (or egg donor) is given FSH and LH to stimulate the maturation of several eggs
          • The eggs are collected and are fertilised by sperm from the father in the lab
            • The fertilised eggs develop into embryos
              • At the stage where they are tiny balls of cells, one or two embryos are inserted into the mother's uterus


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