USA- Divided Union

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  • USA:Divided Union?
    • 'Red Scare'= 1950's many were panicked by the communist threat
    • Blacklisted = you could no longer work in the industry anymore
      • destroyed thousands of peoples careers
      • happened in broadcasting, schools and universities
    • HUAC = Home UN-American Activities Committee
      • 1950's & 40's focused on finding communists
      • 1947- looked into film industry
        • some directors and writers refused to answer- Hollywood Ten (blacklisted)
    • McCarthyism
      • 1950- speech
        • McCarthy claimed a list of 205 communists in state department giving info to USSR
      • Senate hearings- intimidated witnesses and pressured people into accusing others.
      • FEAR made it possible
        • Russians had a BOMB
        • China had gone communist
        • 1951- members of US communist party - Julius & Ethel Rosenburg- accused of passing atomic secrets - executed 1953
      • Lost popularity- accused army of covering up communist infiltration
        • Army-McCarthy hearing televised in 1954-people turned against him due to his bullying tactic


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