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  • USA migration AC
    • patterns and emigration
      • 2013- 41.3 million immigrants- Mexico is bordering, India and China have skilled workers
      • Reasons- Employment opportunities, all levels, better quality of life, healthcare and education, family reunification, is encouraged and positive refugee policy- easy to become permanent- green cards
    • interdependence with countries linked to USA
      • in 2013 over 11.5 million Mexicans were living in USA. 1 million Americans in mexico- each have the largest diaspora living in the other- growing social and cultural connectivity
      • Economically- migrants contribute to US economy by working in agriculture, construction and low paid jobs- wages account for remittances 2% of Mexico's GDP. Since NAFTA, bilateral trade routes between Mexico and USA have grown
      • Politically- power relations remain unbalanced, but co operations over issues in common e.g border security, drugs trade and human trafficking
    • opportunities
      • migrants take low paid jobs native Americans don't want to do
      • main employment for Mexicans is services- contributions to GDP and economic growth
      • Aims to attract skilled professionals, China-50% India- 73% were employed in business and science
      • most are young working age so economic social benefit for ageing population
      • immigrants are consumers themselves- helps job creation, business start ups and generate wealth
    • Challenges
      • 11.5 million unauthorised immigrants live in USA- tightened US border security
      • uneven progress of integration  of immigrant groups into society- depends of language, political participation, where they live- unauthorised population is barrier to integration
      • Demand on services where immigration has high concentrations e.g.southern California- water supply shortage


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