Women in the 1920s (USA)

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  • WOMEN IN THE 1920s
    • Women formed 1/2 of the population
    • BEFORE WW1
      • Women wore restrictive clothing
      • They were expected to be polite and not take part in sport or smoke in public
      • Couldn't vote in most states
      • Women in work had very low payed jobs
      • Women had to have a chaperone on a date
    • Women became more daring with their clothes
    • Women smoked and drank in public
    • Women went out without chaperons
    • Women's employment increased
      • However, they were still payed a lot less than men.
    • There were many films and novels about sex which made women more confident
      • However, many women saw this as opposition and there was some outrage as many women were still quite conservative and respected the church
    • Women's views were wanted a lot more in politics
      • However, men still saw them as 'unelectable'


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