US Political System 1890s

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  • US Political System 1890s
    • American  Exceptionalism
      • John Winthrop
        • Founder of Massachusetts --> He's new colony would be a leading example to other nations on earth
        • Massachusetts was chosen by God, a model of social and political order Europe should follow
          • Superior due to its unique historical evolution
      • Lincon
        • 'Last chance for the world to create a perfect nation'
      • It was used to justify the first US expansion outside of N. America
    • Manifest Destiny
      • Developed in 1840s
      • Used to justify growth of union across the whole continent
        • 'God given right'
      • Used in press 1845-              'the fufillment of our manifest destiny is to overspread the continent allocated by providence'
      • adopted by govt to justify growth west wards
        • Used by republican's 1890s to justify expansion of US outside of N. American
    • Political parties
      • The republicans
        • Led to victory by Abraham Lincon in the civil war
        • Issues of division-       Reformists led by Roosevelt promoting progressivism, wanting social justice and anti-trust laws
        • began to move away from liberal traditions in 1890s and towards conservative elements of the US politics (big Business Focus)
        • Still had the support of African Americans despite the fact they did little to support their cause. 
        • Main support was in the north where there was more industry, more jobs and more wealth. 
        • Aimed to stay out of peoples lives - a policy of Laissez Faire 
      • The Democrats
        • Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1796 
        • Seen as the oldest of all American political parties 
        • Aka as "The Party of Protest", they preferred to intervene in the lives of the people 
        • struggled with deep divisions caused by the civil war 


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