Perspectives on US Constitution

Perspectives on the US constitution: Liberal, Social Con, Fiscal Con and Centre

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  • US Constitution
    • Fiscal Conservatives
      • Constitution is ineffective; has not prevented growth of government
      • Balanced budget amendment; leading to reduced government spending
        • Orrin Hatch Sen. (R-Utah)
      • Small government; negative freedoms
    • Social Conservatives
      • "Pursuit of Hapiness" does not unclud immoral activities
      • Support certain types of government intervention; promotion of moral behaviour
      • Amendments supported; banning abortion, banning flag burning, daily prayers banning gay marriage
    • Centrists
      • Liberty and Constitutional Rights
      • Americans are aware of rights; 1st, 2nd, 5th and right to a lawyer
      • Politicians will abuse power; Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, Japanese interned in WW2, Guantanamo Bay
    • Liberal
      • Freedoms associated with Cs come from government help; Homestead Act
      • Government is their to help people develop their talents; health and education
      • Stretch the constitution; redifining government's relationship through New Deal and Great Society
      • Amendments; 23rd (DC Votes) 24th (No Poll Tax) undoubtedly Liberal
    • Flawed Document?
      • Freedoms denied to racial minorities
      • Can not be amended; deeply flawed
      • Excluded Native Americans; Article 1 Section 2


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