Geography- Urbanisation

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  • Urbanisation
    • Global Urbanisation
      • little growth in MEDC's larger growth in LEDC's
      • 10 of the worlds megacities are in South East Asia= densely packed areas
      • no megacities in Europe
      • America has a few megacities
    • Causes of Urbanisation
      • Push Factors
        • lack of services
        • high unemployment and low pay
        • aging population
        • draught and flooding
        • poor housing conditions
        • rural poverty
        • few opportunities
      • Pull Factors
        • greater chance of employment
        • lower poverty rates
        • better healthcare services
        • better housing conditions
        • better paid jobs/ more disposable income
        • better education
    • Growth
      • Rural Urban Migration
        • a process in which people move from the countryside to the towns
      • Reasons for rapid urban growth in poorer countries
        • high rates of rural urban migration
        • high fertility rates and population growth in cities
        • most jobs are concentrated in cities
      • Problems with growth
        • alter employment rates
        • more expensive houses and land
        • slum living and overcrowding
    • Rapid Urbanisation
      • Problems
        • big cities require a lot of water
          • many cities are depleting nearby water supplies
        • industries are concentrated in cities
          • cause most air and water pollution
        • create vast amounts of waste every day
          • some waste is toxic and cannot be disposed of easily
        • water pollution
          • comes from sewage, dumped waste and chemical pollution
          • can harm human health
        • air pollution
          • comes from burning fuel, vehicle exhausts and factory smokestacks
          • can cause breathing problems for humans
          • can cause acid rain
      • Managing the problems
        • developing new incinerators to deal with waste
        • improving transport systems to reduce congestion
        • implementing laws to reduce pollution from industry




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