Urban sprawl- Atlanta

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  • Urban sprawl- how spread out the city is
    • Why has sprawl occurred in Atlanta
      • 1) The growth of the cities economy and population: Big international brands like Coca-Cola move or were launched in Atlanta.
      • 2)Car ownership is less expensive, so its cheaper to buy cars, petrol and insurance
      • 3)Low cost of living in Atlanta- affordable houses, food, lots of people rent because its cheap
      • 4)Climate- temperatures are rising to 30c in the summer which attracts tourists and migrants from colder countries like the UK.
      • 5)Low density- 'the  American dream'- greenery, clean neighbour hood-americans want the suburban life of lots of space, privacy, good quality of life, big house, luxuary, less pollution, low interest rates
      • 6)cheap to build, they will pretty much let anyone build their own homes/businesses.
    • Features of Atlanta's urban sprawl
      • Endless roads and freeways
      • More than just the one CBD- easy access
      • One way roads leading to endless housing estates
      • Low density city area
      • A lot of greenery as its one factor buyers look for in properties(open space)
      • Clearly segregated land uses- houses with houses, shops with shops
      • Neighbourhood centres- jobs, shopping centre,entertainment
    • FACTS-Atlanta has been growing outwards, this has caused the aerial extent of the city to increase.         Population is growing rapidly- double every 25 years
    • Atlanta has different zones- Suburbs(Boatrock) inner city(cabbagetowh) and the CBD.
    • The inner city- An estimated 50% of homes are vacant in neighbourhoods south of downtown- this problem contributes to crime.
      • The poorest parts of Atlanta are found in the inner city dsitricts south of the CBD. High rise stone/brick buildings.          Inner city districts were built for low income families, becoming notorious(well known) for their social and economic problems, leading to demolition.


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