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  • Urban Mind Map
    • why are cities growing?
      • urbanisation is generally linked with economic develpoment.
      • 2 main reasons why: 1) rural to urban migration. 2) natural increase.
    • what is a multihazard city?
      • a multihazard city is where there is a lot of natural disasters for example: earthquake.
      • L.A is one of the mose hazadest places on earth, is has experienced earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamie's flooding and drout.
    • what is a sustainable settlement?
      • they are usually very eco friendly and use eco friendly materials to create a green way of living.
        • for example BedZed
      • what makes a settlement sustainable?
        • using natural materials, energy efficiancy such as solar panals.
    • what kind of transport issues are there?
      • the increase levels of congestion on the roads is leading to more pollution
        • this leads to major health problems


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