Urban Deprivation

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World Cities Topic

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  • Urban Deprivation
    • Why do inequalaties occur within urban areas?
      • Enormous contrasts in wealth can be found over relatively small distances
      • The wealthy and poor seem to concentrate spatially - this is a form of SOCIAL SEGREGATION
    • Reasons
      • Housing
        • Developers, builders and planners tend to build on block of land with a market in mind. There is a premium price for homes well away from poor areas.
        • Wealthy people have more choice of where they want to live, paying a premium areas with pleasing environments/ quality schools/ green space.
        • Poorer groups have little choice of where to live - where they are placed in welfare housing or where rent is cheap.
      • Changing Environments
        • Houses built in Victorian/ Edwardian times now too big for average UK families
          • Converted into multi-let appartments for people on low incomes for private renting, or houses rented by students.
        • Former poor areas are being 'gentrified'
        • 'Right to Buy' legislation of the 1980s has transformed many council estates, as homes were bought by occupents and improved.
      • The ethnic dimension
        • Ethnic groups were originally new immigrants who suffered discrimination in the job market, and were often unemployed or in low paid jobs.
        • New immigrants may only be able afford to buy cheap housing e.g. inner-city terraces, or afford to rent privately.
        • Newly arrived migrants concentrate in poor areas of the city, often clustered into multicultural areas.
        • Ethnic groupings persist into later generations.


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