Urban environments - Newcastle and Rio de Janeiro

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  • Urban Environments
    • Newcastle
      • Problems
        • Litter and Graffiti
        • Lots of old industrial sites.
        • 34% of unemployment in west end.
        • Houses are overcrowded.
        • Fear of crime. Crime is mostly burglaries.
        • Large number of one-parent families.
      • Just under 300,000 people live in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
      • Solutions
        • TWDC
          • Built a new business park costing around £140 million.
          • Newcastle arena - music and sports events.
          • Quayside redeveloped with new flats and shops.
        • TWECC
          • Created new jobs.
          • Spent £37.5 million.
          • Fitted CCTV to reduce crime.
          • Created new housing in Scotswood.
          • Support for training an employment opportunities.
    • Rio de Janeiro
      • Problems
        • Over 1 million people live in favelas.
        • Favela's are seen as areas linked with organised crime, drugs and violence.
        • Houses are built on steep hills so flash floods easily destroy housing. In 1988 over 200 people died in a mudslide.
        • Huge amounts of waste is created.
      • Over 6 million people live in Rio.
      • Still a Megacity.
      • Solutions
        • The government added pavements, water pipes and some light into the favela.
        • Buildings upgraded to brick an tile.
        • Residents of Rochina transformed the favela into a small city.
        • Set up small shops and industries.
      • Rio has 2 sides
        • The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema - backed by luxury housing.
        • The problems of rapid urban growth including crime, favelas and drugs.


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