Urban Areas

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  • Urban Areas
    • London (Congestion)
      • Methods to reduce congestion
        • Park and Ride schemes
          • People can park outside the city and catch a bus to the centre.  This stops congestion coming into the city.
        • Cycle lanes
          • Encourages people to use bikes instead of cars.  Which also cause pollution.
        • Low Emission Zones
          • People won't want to pay charges when entering the city, so will choose to park outside.
        • Permit Holder parking
          • People must have a permit to park in these areas.  It reduces the amount of people driving into cities as the parking is restricted.
        • Traffic calming
          • Narrow roads restrict the type of vehicle that can enter part of the city.
    • Stratford, London
      • Regeneration strategies
        • Advantages
          • Economic
            • 7,000 temporary jobs
            • Created tourism, so brought in more money for the area
            • 12,000 permanent jobs created
            • Transport improvements.  Extensions to the Dockland Railway and East London Rail lines.
          • Social
            • 9,000 new homes
              • Attracts businesses, due to nicer and newer looking area
            • Nearby schools and health facilites
            • Publicity brought in more money
            • New amenities.  5 new sports venues will remain for the use of the local community.
          • Environmental
            • Derelict land was removed and replace with 4,000 trees and 74,000 plants
            • Lea Valley's polluted waterways have been cleaned
            • New wildlife habitat created
    • Bedzed, Sutton (Sustainable area)
      • Management ideas
        • Use building materials that store heat in warm weather
        • Use natural or recycled materials
        • Build the homes facing south to maximise passive solar gain
        • Use heat from cooking and everyday activities for space heating
        • Introducing the ZEDcars car sharing club and local free charging points


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