Uptake of water- xylem

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  • Uptake of water- xylem
    • water absorbed by the root hair cells 
    • water can be absorbed into and moves through  cell walls 
    • moves across cortex via apoplast route 
    • can also move across plasma membrane, into cytoplasm by osmosis 
    • water moves from the cytoplasm of one cell to the next via plasmodesmata
      • called the symplast route 
    • water can also move through cytoplasm and vacuoles via vacuolar route 
    • Casparian band in walls of endodermal cells 
      • made of waterproof Suberin
        • stops apoplast route / water forced into symplast route
    • ions absorbed into root hair cells by active transport 
    • Ions lowering water potential in root hair cells 
    • at the endodermis ions absorbed into cytoplasm by active transport
    • ions travel through pericycle into xylem 
    • lowers water potential in xylem 
    • lower water potential in root hair cells or xylem increasing osmotic gradient between soil solution and cell contents creates osmotic gradient across root 


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