rebellions against the Weimar republic

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  • Uprisings Against the Weimar Republic
    • Spartacists
      • Left Wing communist party
      • leaders: Karl Liebknecht & Rosa Luxemburg
      • Wanted to get rid of Democracy
      • Early 1919 they launched a bid for power and were joined by rebellious soldiers and sailers
      • The group failed to take over Ebert's Government and the two leaders were killed
    • Bavaria
      • Left wing communist party
      • leader: Karl Einser
      • Feb -May 1919 Einser was murdered
      • They were defeated by the Friekorps (a right wing party)
      • 600 communists were killed
    • Ruhr
      • 1920 Ruhr tried taking over the government
      • Left wing communist party
      • Ebert again used the Friekorps against them and managed to defeat them
      • The Ruhr party, still remain a powerful party despite their defeats
    • Kapp Putsch
      • Right wing party
      • leader: Dr Wolfgang Kapp
      • leader led 5000 Friekorps into Berlin and a rebellion to happen in March 1920
      • the government looked very weak
      • the government was saved by the industrial workers of Berlin
        • Ebert declared a strike and there was no transport or anything- the whole city was in a stand still
          • After a couple of days kapp realised that he wouldn't win so he left the country, he was then later found and died while awaiting trail
    • Munich Putsch
      • right wing party
      • Leader: Adolf Hitler
      • November 1923 Hitler attempts to overthrow the government
        • the putsch failed and Hitler was not sentenced to death but instead had a very short sentance


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