Turning to Crime> Cognition> Social Cognition, Scully and Marolla

A mind map of Scully and Marolla's 1984 study.

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  • Upbringing> Cognition> Social Cognition, Scully and Marolla
    • Conclusion- the use of external attributions supported the deniers denial and minimalised responsibility of the admitters.
      • This allows the deniers to see themselves as non-****** and the admitters as ex-******.
      • This is why it is difficult to rehabilitate ****** because the denial and minimalisation  lets them believe that they haven't got a problem.
    • Results
      • Victim had an unsavoury sexual reputation. 69% of the deniers and 22% of the admitters.
      • Alcohol intoxication. 84% of deniers and 77% of admitters.
      • External atributions were used more commonly by deniers.
    • Method- Self-report survey was carried out to reveal what if any attributions were used to explain their offence.
    • Sample- 114 volunteer m incarcerated ****** (41% admitters and 59% deniers).
    • Aim- To analyse the excuses and justifications used by convicted ****** to explain their crime.
    • Social cognition> Attributional biases> Self-serving bias> bad actions=external attribution


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