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  • CO2 produced at respiring tissues
    • Diffuses into plasma
      • 5% remains as CO2 molecules dissolved in plasma
      • Some diffuses into Erthyrocytes
        • Erythrocytes contain Carbonic Anhydrase
        • CO2
          • + H2O
            • H2CO3 aka. carbonic acid
              • Hydrogen ions
                • Dissociates into these 2 products
                • The H+ ions then bind with the haemoglobin inside erythrocytes
                  • Haemoglobinic Acid
                    • This makes the Haemoglobin release the O2
              • Hydrogen carbonate ions
                • These diffuse out erythrocyte and into blood plasma, then remain here in solution and are carried back to lungs.
                  • 85% of CO2 is carried like this
          • Some CO2 escapes the carbonic anhydrase and bines directly with haemoglobin forming carbaminohaemoglobin
  • Carbonic Anhydrase
  • Inside Erythrocyte


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