Mariana key ideas

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    • dramatic monologue
    • isolation
      • "Upon the lonely moated grange."
    • wish to die
      • desperation
        • refrain "Oh that I were dead!"
    • inactivity
      • "She could not look on the sweet heaven,/Either at morn or eventide."
    • dependency on men
      • "She only said, "My life is dreary,/He cometh not," she said;/ She said, "I am aweary, aweary,/I would that I were dead!""
    • refrain "Oh that I were dead!"
    • decay of nature
      • "With blackest moss the flower-plots/ Were thickly crusted"
    • sexual desire
      • "The shadow of the poplar fell/Upon her bed, across her brow."


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