Case Study: Counter-urbanisation: St Ives

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  • Case Study: Counter-urbanisation:St Ives
    • Characteristics
      • St Ives is in Cambridshire 70 miles N of London
        • 1961 pop= 3,800
          • 2010 pop= 16,400
        • Good road and rail links to London
          • 1 in 4 people commute to London everyday from St Ives
    • Impacts
      • A14 traffic congestion has radically risen
      • Average house price has risen from 130,000 in 2000 to 291,000 in 2010
      • 1000 houses built on flood plain and are at risk of damage by a 1 in 100 year flood
      • previously an aging area now the influx of families and under 16s has put massive pressure on schools
      • Locals cant afford rent and so have been moved to a new area due to gentrification
    • Management
      • 200 new homes set to be built with 75 of those being affordable housing
      • Expanding of schools in St Ives to accommodate an extra 240+ pupils
      • £8.8 million spent on flood protection after 2003 flood along the river Owse Floodwalls?embankments
      • A £116 million guided busway from St Ives to Huntington and Cambridge to reduce congestion along A14 and the use of Huntington station as people take the train to London


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