Freiburg, Germany

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  • Freiburg, Germany
    • pop- over 200,000
      • Early 1970s - city had a major traffic problems
      • now a city close to 'car-free' living
    • Traffic calming
      • Pedestrian zone- 1973
      • Provision of public transport was optimised
      • Tram routes went from north- south and east to west of the city
      • 30 km/ hour  speed limit was  introduced
    • Managing public high ways and adjacent land
      • No free parking
      • Encourage communters to park and ride
    • Concentrating traffic and improving roads
    • Public transport
      • Promote the use of public transport e.g. trams
      • number of passengers increased by 10%
      • Travel card is DM71 per month
    • Bicycle use
      • cycle lane plan in 1970
      • 500 kilometres of interconnecting lanes
      • 5,000 parking spaces for bike
      • more at tram stops - bike and ride




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