Constructive Manslaughter

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  • Unlawful Act Manslaughter
    • 1) D committed an unlawful act and this has to be a crime
      • Tort or Breach of contract is insufficient (Franklin; Lowe)
        • No Crime              =           No Conviction
    • 2) Does not require second Mens Rea (Newbury and Jones)
      • The Mens rea of the initial crime is sufficient
    • 3) D's act Must be Dangerous
      • Dangerous in the sense that a sober and reasonable person would inevitably recognise it carried the risk of some harm (CHURCH)
        • Harm must be physical harm (Dawson)
          • Frailty of person brings a risk of harm (Watson)
    • Unlawful Act must be the substantial cause of death
      • Factual (Pagett)           Legal            (White)
      • Kennedy- Never appropriate to find guilt in someone who has supplied drugs


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