Unit 2: Marketing (2)

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  • Unit 2: Marketing
    • Market-Led Pricing
      • Penetration Pricing
        • Charge very low price when new to get interest.
      • Loss Leader Pricing
        • Price is set below costs. Once established increase the price.
      • Price Skimming
        • Charge a high price to begin with. Then when established lower price.
      • Competitive Pricing
        • Charge similar price to other firms.
      • Used if price of product help consumers decide whether to buy.
    • Cost-Plus Pricing
      • Using a mark up
        • Work out how much product costs and add a percentage.
      • Using a profit margin
        • Work out how much the product costs and increase by margin.
      • Used if they are not in price competition with other producers.
    • Place
      • Manufacturer - Wholesaler - Consumer
        • Cash and Carry Warehouse.
        • Bulk order lower prices.
      • Manufacturer - Wholesaler - Retailer - Consumer
        • Traditional Route
        • Can take a long time to get from manufacture to consumer.
      • Manufacturer - Retailer - Consumer
      • Manufacturer - Consumer.
        • Internet Selling, Mail Order, Telesales.
        • Often cheaper but can be more difficult consumers to shop around.


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