AS Physics, Unit 2 Summary, Edexcel

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  • Unit 2
    • Electricity
      • Definitions
        • Resistance  - opposition to the flow of charge
        • Potential difference - amount of energy transferred per unit of charge
        • Charge - property of matter upon which electric force acts
        • Current - the rate of flow of charge
        • Resistivity - the amount of resistance given from a unit volume of a substance
      • Laws
        • Kirchoff's Junction Law -  at a junction, the sum of the two split currents will total the sum of the input current
        • Kirchoff's Loop Law - the sum of the potential difference across every component of a circuit totals to the sum of the input voltage of the cell
        • Ohms Law - Given that the temperature and other physical properties remain constant, the current through a wire is proportional to the potential difference across its ends
      • Symbols and Units
        • Potential difference - Volts (V)
        • Current (I) - Amperes (A)
        • Charge  (Q) - Coulombs (C)
        • Resistance (R) - Ohms ?
      • Equations
        • Voltage = Work/Charge
        • Power = Voltage x Current
    • Waves
      • Types
        • Standing (two waves with equal frequency and wavelength moving in opposing directions across the same medium


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