Unit 1 Organisations Mind Map

A mind map displaying the topics within Unit 1 ICT for WJEC in the Organisations section; inlcudes managment systems, data logging and registration.

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  • 5. Organisations: School, Home, Environment
    • School Registration Systems
      • Paper-based
        • Not reliant on networks
        • Mistakes difficult to erase/untidy/
        • AM/PM marks logged on paper by teacher and returned to office
      • Keyboard entry
        • Produce attendance stats/no need to return to office
        • Still need to register each pupil
        • Marks typed into the computer marks stored on central server
      • Optical Mark Recognition(OMR)
        • Multi-purpose- can mark tests- so justifies costs
        • Registers are batch processed so they aren't 'live'/'real-time': latecomers not registered
        • Teachers log whether pupils are present by shading a box on a sheet of paper; sheets for each form batched and scanned in
      • Smart Cards
        • Multiple functions, unlike swipe: payment cards in canteens; record library cards
        • Reliance on ICT system
        • Cards contain chips and can hold more info than magnetic *****s. Placed into card reader on arrival
      • Magnetic ***** Cards
        • Used to 'swipe' pupils into school
        • Cheap to buy and make
        • Swipe in others/lose/forget
      • Biometric
        • Pupils scan their fingerprints or eyes
        • Don't have to remember cards/impossible to sign in for someone else
        • Expensive/privacy issues
    • Management Information Systems (MIS)
      • Provide managers with info needed to make decisions, and ***** away irrelevant info
      • E.G Headteacher could hide other marks to show only attendance marks
      • E.G Listing free classrooms, free teachers- head can allocate classes
      • Teachers can focus on more important things
      • Writing timetables and spotting truancy patterns
      • Expensive; staff need to be trained, also expensive
      • Adequate security and access control because of personal data
    • Data Logging in School Activities
      • Sensors used for science experiments
      • Sensors automatically collect data readings over a set period of time called a logging period. The time between each reading is called the logging interval
        • Data sent to computers by wires. Analysis takes place to create charts/calculations
      • More accurate: people can't make mistakes like forget to take readings- done automatically
      • Expensive/ equipment can go wrong
      • Temperature: logging how long it takes to cool a liquid
      • Light: measuring how different light levels affect plant growth
      • PIR: Passive infra-red to detect movement (also for security)
      • Pressure: Something pushing (security)
      • Sound: volume
    • Weather Forecasting Systems
      • Used to tell you the weather by the TV or internet
      • Sensors are input devices used to feed info into a computer. The computer then outputs this data as a weather map
      • Same pros/cons as data logging
      • Sensors
        • Temp.:logging outside temp.
        • Wind: measuring wind forces
        • Pressure: atmospheric conditions
        • Humidity:moisture in the atmosphere
        • Rain





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