A2 Business Exam

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  • Unit 12 A2 Exam Managing People
    • Management roles, responsibilities and skills
      • Management Roles (ROMP)
        • Reporting
          • Employee performance (appraisal)
          • Market research
          • Untitled
        • Organising
          • Managing Staff
          • Monitoring stock
        • Monitioring/ evaluating
          • Profit and loss
        • Planning
          • Setting targets
          • Forecast likely sales
      • Management Skills
    • Organisational Structure
      • Levels of hierarchy
        • Number of layers of authority in an organisation
      • Spans of control
        • The amount of subordinates a senior member has direct control over
      • Centralisation and decentralisation
        • Centralisation -Decisions made by senior personnel
        • Decentralisation -Gives decision-making powers to lower levels in the organisation
      • Delayering
        • The removal of one or more levels of hierarchy from an organisational structure
      • Types of Structures
        • Flat Structure
        • Tall Structure
        • Matrix Structure
      • Chain of command
        • The way information is passed through an organisational structure
    • Leadership
    • Power and authority
    • Motivation
    • Models of motivation in practice
    • Taking decisions


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