Unit 1.2.4 #2

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  • Unit 1.2.4 #2
    • Movements of the body
      • Adduction: Movement that brings part of the body towards the centre.
      • Abduction: Movement away from the centre (opposite to adduction).
      • Flexion: Decreasing the angle of a joint.
      • Extension: Increasing the angle of a joint (opposite to flexion)
      • Rotation: The angle of the joint does not change, but instead moves in a circular motion.
    • Muscle of the body
      • Deltoid: Abducts the arm at the shoulder.
      • Trapezius: Rotates the shoulder blades backwards.
      • Latissimus Dorsi: Rotates upper the arm at the shoulder.
      • Pectoral: Adduction of the arm.
      • Abdominals: Flexion and rotation of the hip.
      • Biceps: Flexion at the elbow.
      • Triceps: Extension at the elbow.
      • Gluteus Maximus: Extension of the upper leg.
      • Quadriceps: Extension at the knee.
      • Hamstrings: Flexion at the kee.
      • Gastrocnemius: Plantar flexion at the ankle (Pointing toes).


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