Unit 1.2.1 #2

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  • Unit 1.2.1 #2
    • Ways to keep sport safe:
      • Balanced competition, Warm ups/Cool downs, Equipment, Diet/Rehydration, Rules, PAR-Q.
    • Warming up/Cooling down
      • Warm ups: Increases- HR Temperature Muscular contractions Movement of the joint, Concentrate mind, Prevents injury.
      • Cool downs: Disperses lactic acid, prevents soreness.
    • Equipment
      • Checking: Organisers/ Officials/ Participants check facilities are safe.
      • Many activities require protective equipment (Gumshields, Shin pads). Not allowed to wear things that can injure you or another participant.
    • Balanced competition
      • Make sport safe and fair for every participant, level the competition.
      • Ways: Handicaps, Skill level, Weight, Sex, Age.
    • Rules
      • Rules are created to make the event: Safe, Fair, Increase enjoyment and prevent arguments, Structure the game and identify winners.
      • For example, Distance for spectators, High tackles, Dangerous balls.
    • PAR-Q
      • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
      • Assesses physical condition to check suitability and readiness for exercise.


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