Unit 1.1.4 #2

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  • Unit 1.1.4 #2
    • Order of training.
      • Warmup:
        • Reasons: Prevent injury, Improve performance, Practice skills, Prepare psychologically.
        • Stages: Cardiovascular warmup, Stretching (Static/Dynamic), Skill specific.
      • Main activity:
        • Training session, skill session, competition, match, or performance.
      • Cool down:
        • Gradually returns body to normal, disperses lactic acid, prevents stiffness and soreness in limbs.
    • Types of exercise.
      • Anaerobic:
        • Without oxygen. If exercise of done in short, fast bursts, the heart cannot supply blood and oxygen to the muscles as fast as the cells use them.
      • Aerobic:
        • With oxygen. If exercise is not too fast and is steady, the heart can supply all the blood and oxygen the muscles need.
    • Analysing training sessions.
      • Heart rate: The amount of beats by the heart in a minute.
        • Resting heart rate: The heart rate at rest.
        • Working heart rate: The measurement of heart rate during or after exercise.
      • Recovery rate: How long it takes to get back to resting heart rate after exercise.
      • Target zone/Training threshold: Working between 60 and 80% improves aerobic fitness, above 80% improves anaerobic fitness.
    • PAR-Q
      • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
        • Taken to see whether you should start doing physical activity.
    • SMART goals
      • Specific: Knowing exactly what the goal is.
      • Measurable: It should be easy to know when a goal has been achieved.
      • Achievable: Setting unachievable goals in likely to result in demotivation.
      • Realistic: A goal may be achievable in theory but is it achievable in practice.
      • Time-bound: Does goal have an end point?


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